Physical conditioning and body composition evaluation.

Prior to starting a new training program, or to monitor ones progress during training cycles, various fitness evaluations should be done.

  • Body composition (Lean muscle mass and body fat percentage)
  • Muscular strength (e.g., 1 RM) and muscular endurance
  • Cardiovascular endurance (e.g., VO2 max and stamina) and flexibility
  • Athletic evaluation
    • (Power, speed, agility, coordination, balance and precision)

Training program design

Designing training programs: Derived from science! But it's also an art!

Well structured, descriptive and visual.  From simple to highly complex multi-cycle programs with yearly periodization, personalized training programs are created to help reach specific athletic objectives.

Depending on specific needs, the training programs can include prescribed exercises to improve all 10 aspects of fitness and sport conditioning such as muscular endurance, strength, speed, power, flexibility, stamina, accuracy, balance, coordination and agility.

Training programs and sessions can not only enhance general physical preparedness, but can also be customized and adapted to provide sport-specific conditioning.

Any summer or winter sport, individual or team based, sport performance can be improved and enhanced with specific exercises that will address weaknesses and improve existing strengths.

  • Analysis of current sport performance
  • Identification of strength and weakness areas
  • Functional and traditional training methods

Available as a remote service or in person.

Training sessions

A personal trainer accompanies clients during their training sessions. 

Private, semi-private or group training sessions are available.

  • Instruction given on each exercise
  • Real-time feedback to correct any movement
  • Encouragement to drive intensity and results.



Courses and workshops are available on a variety of sport conditioning and fitness topics.Please contact TSP for more information about existing topics, or to discuss your specific needs for a personalized engagement.



Consulting engagements are available to provide help and guidance on many various topics such as:

  • Gym layout and design
  • Equipment suggestions, comparisons and recommendations
  • And more ...